Attractive Column Choices For Your Pergola

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What is the role of a column in pergola design? The column and crossbeam are an integral part of the structure of pergolas in Adelaide. It defines the sturdiness and stability of its design. How your pergola looks and how much light it screens out depends on how well it is designed. Columns run vertically, and they hold up the crossbeams which are horizontal across its roof. Usually, there are lightweight rafters on the crossbeams to provide maximum screening from the sun. To give a filtered effect to the light, small stringers are set on top of the rafters. Since the column is visible in the pergola design, they have to be in tune with the design theme. In fact, they define the design theme.

Matching The Columns To The Pergola & Your Home’s Architecture

Regardless of the architectural style of your home, you can install a pergola that goes well with it. However, it happens when the choice of columns, beams, and rafters is correct. Rustic or farmhouse style outdoor pergolas Adelaide need columns made from rough-hewn wood. It could be naturally weathered or stained; it depends on your preference and affordability. In a classic design, you have a solid-roof shade structure of eight sides. It would help if you had matching columns for it. Those who love colonial homes need to be careful while choosing columns. They should be elegant to match the entry design. Along with rafters and stringers, columns also play a functional role in screening the sun from sides. Hence, the closer you place them, the more shade you will cast. Another important aspect is the direction of the columns and rafters. Based on the availability of sunlight, and the direction of your home, you need to do the column placement.

Mind The Structural Design & Number Of Columns

If there are more columns required, then you should think about the design specifications. The more complex columns you choose, the more expensive it will be. The size and structure of pergola decide the choice of columns and crossbeams. The amount of span of the pergola versus the amount of loading on the span is two considerations. If it is a large pergola, then better you involve an engineer. He will do the necessary calculation to determine the right size and number of columns. Thus, you have a structurally, balanced design with no sagging. A pergola is the best place to enjoy family outdoors. It should be well-built, attractive, and comfortable.

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