The Future Of Air Conditioning – Solar Air Conditioners In Australia

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Whether it is a commercial establishment or residential complex, air-conditioning Adelaide is the inevitable need in Australia. With the increasing temperatures with every passing year, it becomes impossible to stay indoors without it. However, it is a costly affair to keep the air-conditioners on round-the-clock because of the high price of power.

What is the cost-effective alternative to the electricity-intensive system? It is a solar air-conditioner. Yes, solar air-conditioners are eco-friendly, effective, and serve the same purpose without affecting your monthly expenses on the power bill. According to experts, it is the future of air-conditioning. And it is easy to replace the conventional electrical air-conditioner with mew-age solar air-conditioner.

Why solar air-conditioner is ideal?

An air-conditioner system has three major components-evaporator, condenser, compressor, and an expansion valve. Another important element is the thermostat that regulates and monitors the temperature inside. The refrigerant gas is used for cooling. The process of cooling requires a large amount of energy, the electrical consumption is high.

A solar-powered system uses the power generated by solar energy for cooling purpose. Since solar energy is perpetual the cost of production is less, it is far more economical than electrical air-conditioners. It is possible to use solar power for all the three primary benefits of an AC system-heating, cooling, and water heating.

Working mechanism

In a solar-powered AC system, there is a solar panel that converts the sunlight into electrical power. The power is supplied to the compressor. In a heating system, the heat generated by the panel is supplied to the water that can be further used for raising the indoor temperature. Environmental studies prove that a significant reduction in carbon emission can be achieved when the solar-powered system is used.

Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, more households and commercial establishments are coming forward to adopt it. Due to higher demand, new companies are emerging in the market to offer better and improved products.

Surely, there will be a transformation in the air-conditioner market in the coming years. It is a great step to make the country eco-friendly. Though the prices are on a little higher side today, they are coming down gradually. Also, technology is increasing at a faster rate. As the batteries and solar panels will improve in the future, it is going to rule the future. There has been a sharp increase in the use of solar-powered AC systems in the past few years. The trend looks positive and promising.

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