Business VoIP Phone Systems | SIP Trunking Providers in Adelaide

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Gone is the days when establishing a telephone communication network in the business was a cumbersome and costly affair. With the development of communication technology, we have much smarter, superior, and more natural choices. VoIP business phone in Adelaide and SIP trunking system are the buzzwords today. Many service providers in Adelaide offer excellent call-quality, reliability at affordable rates.

A VoIP or SIP service provider offers phone services to businesses, call centers, and other clients using ATA devices, auto-dialing systems, soft phones, and IP- PBX phone system in Adelaide. You get excellent call quality and solution for all telecommunication needs in the organization.

VoIP system

VoIP systems come with a wide variety of feature packages, prices, and services. Which system you choose depends on your needs, type, and size of your business, and technical feasibility. Based on the needs, you can choose a price plan for per minute usage, per user, per line or per feature. An advanced VoIP dialer service can handle unlimited multiple calls with no delay. The voice quality is superb, and it is cost-effective because you pay as you go.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP is an abbreviation of Session Initiation Protocol. Here, the connection is made by the SIP trunk instead of physical lines and circuits like a traditional PSTN connection. Since the connection is virtual using the Internet, it is easy to combine voice, data, instant messaging, and Internet services in one line.

It benefits all sizes of businesses because the functionality offered is more. The high volume of calls can be handled at less cost.

Benefits of SIP

  • Even if you move offices, the number remains the same. It is because the SIP trunk is location independent.
  • Combined hardware and setup drop the call rates as the installation and maintenance cost of adding or changing the phone system is less.
  • Flexibility of adding unlimited channels to SIP trunk.

Better service level as it is easy to redirect calls when one channel is down.

Comparison of SIP trunk versus PSTN

In case of SIP, the provider has to set up a proxy server that provides all incoming, outgoing and PBX calls. They are handled by VoIP provider Adelaide. It is quite easier than the procurement and configuration of PRI lines in the earlier times of PSTN network. The modern SIP system is more cost-effective and reliable. Versatility and easiness of the SIP system make it suitable in today’s fiercely competitive market.

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