Are the sliding gates more expensive?

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Sliding Gate Adelaide

Sliding Gate Adelaide

You get the Fencing Adelaide done by the best contractor. However, it will not be effective if the access points are not secured properly. They are the most common points where intruders will target and try to enter.

Hence, it is more than important to choose the right type of gate for the property. You need strong, reliable, and robust gates.

At the same time, the gate should facilitate secure and safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Which gate is better, sliding or swing? Well, both can be integrated into the security system without any difficulty.

Both types of gates can be operated manually as well as electronically. How will you decide about it then?

See the benefits of sliding gates

As we know, both types of gates are suitable, you need to compare their qualities against your needs and expectations.

A Sliding Gate Adelaide requires less space. Even if the area around the access point has some blocking, then also it can be installed.

This gate slides along the fence-line. It needs the least space. Vehicles or pedestrians can access without any problem. Also, the gate is ideal when the access point is narrow. The gate runs along the floor track. It doesn’t swing freely.

There is no risk of sagging the gate by its own weight. It is because these gates run along a floor track.

Are sliding gates expensive?

As far as the initial cost is concerned, sliding gates are definitely costlier than swinging gates. It is because there are fewer moving parts in swinging gates. Also, they need comparatively less set-up required at the side of the fence.

In a swinging door, no floor-track is required.

However, sliding doors are preferred by users because of their utility and better qualities.

If you ask Fencing Contractors Adelaide, then they will recommend sliding gates if there is a space constraint. Also, these gates are more secure than swing gates.

It is because one cannot open them forcibly once the gate is closed and locked onto a sturdy post. Sliding gates remain unaffected by wind.

For large driveways, a sliding door is always a better option.

The cost of a sliding gate depends on the size and type of the gate. It ranges from 800$ to 2000$.The most expensive gates are motorized large-sized gates.

You need to check and compare prices at different vendors or service providers before making a final decision.

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