Car Battery Replacement Cost in Adelaide

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Car Battery Adelaide

Do you stick to a car for just one or two years? Well, you don’t have to worry about the battery replacement cost then. But you are a regular user who doesn’t wish to change the car till it becomes outdated, then you have t know about the cost of battery replacement. Car battery Adelaide exhausts after a few years. It depends on how many miles you have driven so far. When the car shows the signs of a weak battery, the first thing you should do is replace it. This blog is about estimated battery replacement costs in Adelaide.

Cost Depends On Various Factors

The battery is designed to work for a few years, but the durability depends on several factors lie type of the vehicle, battery type, and climate. It is relatively inexpensive to change the battery than other car maintenance. Still, it may reach a few hundred dollars. A typical car battery cost lies between 60$ and 200$. On average, you can get reasonably good batteries in Adelaide at 80$ and 130$ range. These are mid-range batteries that give a long-lasting performance and entirely consistent. If you go for cheaper options, then they may be inferior in service-quality and consistency of power. Since the market is flooded with different types of batteries with different specifications, it is essential to compare them on technical parameters.

Some batteries are expensive because they are designed to perform in extreme weather conditions. Some are costly because they offer a longer warranty than others.

  • Lead-acid battery, which is the commonest amongst all, can be available at prices at 60-70 dollars. You need to check for its quality. A reasonably good-quality lead-acid battery is available at 125$ to 135$.
  • AGM batteries (Absorbent Glass Mat battery) costs around 200$. It is more expensive because the battery is designed to run luxury cars and high-end electronic vehicles.

The “Hidden Cost”

Other than the cost of the battery, you are required to spend additionally on other things related to the battery. These additional costs are usually ignored by people. Hence, they are called hidden costs. For example, the installation cost of 10$ to 100$ may be charged by mechanics, depending on installation complexity. Many times, battery suppliers install it without a penny. You need to check it before buying the battery. Your car gives signals when the battery goes low. It is essential to identify them and act timely. Call the battery service provider and replace it as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience.

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