How much do sliding gates cost?

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Sliding Gate Adelaide

Sliding Gates Cost in Adelaide

A sliding gate provides extra security so that you can keep the home safe from unwanted intrusions. It can be a great investment, but you must know the approximate cost required. The cost of Sliding Gate Adelaide depends on several factors. A few examples are the size of the sliding gate, the complexity of design, quality of gate, etc.

Which type of gate is suitable for you? It depends on your requirements and needs. In this blog, we will compare the type of gate.

Cost of timber gate

All figures mentioned in the blog are ballpark figures. You need to talk to the supplier to know the exact cost. A door single car will cost 450 to 600 dollars. The cost for two gates will be 900 to 1200 dollars.

For hardwood gates, you need to spend 1000 dollars approximately.

The more elaborate designs you get, the costlier it is.

Cost of Galvanized steel gate

Galvanized steel is inexpensive. The least expensive gate is around 60 dollars to 90 dollars.

Cost of Aluminum gate

Nowadays, Aluminum gates have become more popular than galvanized steel gates. They are lightweight, powder coated, and long-lasting.

The approximate cost of an aluminum gate is 3000 dollars for a single gate and 4000 dollars for a double gate. An intricate gate will cost around 4500 dollars.

To get an accurate idea of costs, you should talk to Fencing Contractors Adelaide.

Motorized sliding gate

A motorized sliding gate can be powered by electric power or solar power. A solar-powered gate is cost-effective because it works on sustainable solar power. However, if the climate is cloudy, then you may face problems with its operation.

Electrically powered gates are supplied by Fencing Adelaide suppliers at a reasonable cost. Typically, you get gates at 2000 dollars to 2500 dollars.

These gates come with motors, hinges and wireless receive, and other parts. You should remember that the price of installation is not included in the cost mentioned above.

Solar gates are relatively less expensive than the electrically powered motorized gates. Solar gates are available at 1000 dollars and above. The cost of a solar kit is available in 900 dollars to 1000 dollars.

The prices of sliding gates vary, depending on their type of material and weight.

It is important to compare prices from different sources. You can talk to different service providers and make a comparative analysis.

Make sure you choose the best gate that suits your requirements.

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