Pest Control for Rats: How do you get Rid of Rats?

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Pest Control Adelaide Rats

Rodents are extremely destructive animals. They cause big structural harm to the building and make it weak. The good new is that controlling the manifestation of rats is relatively easy. How will you do it?

This blog tells a few tips. Some of them are DIY kind of stuff and some require professional help.

Few Tips for Pest Control Rats

Check and seal entry points

The best thing is to check and close all open points in and around your building. There are gaps around the pipes. Remember, rats have a tremendous capacity of squeezing their body. They can squeeze through any opening where you can fit your thumb.

To seal these gaps, you can use cement, metal plates, stones, wire wool, or caulk.

Another important gateway is damaged drains. Hence, it is better to check them regularly and perform repair and maintenance if needed.

Do not accumulate clutter

When unwanted things are lying in the garden, garage, or backyard; they form an ideal shelter for rats. Hence, never let clutter accumulate in the house. Keep the waste in closed dustbins. Make sure the pipes are cleaned regularly.

Inspect the roof and attic regularly.  These are the places where rats make their shelter.  The situation worsens when there is clutter.

Use live traps

Rodents have an instinct to wiggle and investigate into holes. Live traps are made on this concept. There is a mechanism where rats can get in, but they cannot come out. The door is controlled by a spring that operates based on touch.

As soon as the rat goes into the hole, the trap closes and captures the rodent. You have to keep a close watch on the trap. Once captured, you have to decide whether t kill the rat or release away from your home. The better way is to kill it humanely.

Baiting trap

Rats get attracted to various foods. You can use nuts, dried fruits, dried meat, or any other thing of their interest. However, it is important to choose the right food depending on the type and size of the trap. Sometimes, they pull the food and run away without getting trapped.

You can use poisoned bait so that rat dies after eating the food. It depends on how do you want to deal with the rat problem.

If not controlled, then rats cause a major disaster. Hence, it is important to take the necessary steps in time.

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