What are some signs of impacted or poor vision?

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eye testing canberra

Eye Testing Canberra

When you cannot see well, you cannot work well. Sometimes, vision problems do not get identified at an earlier stage. You go for Eye Testing Canberra and realize that there is a bigger issue.

Poor vision leads to poor performance. You suffer from headache, fatigue, and eyestrain. What are some common signs of poor vision problems?


When you are unable to focus on distant objects, it is called Myopia or Nearsightedness. You have a good close vision when the problem is minor. You are supposed to see an Optometrist Canberra and get the correct number specs.


In this, you can see distant objects well but cannot focus on close-up objects. It creates difficulty in reading. When the problem becomes bigger, you are unable to focus on near and far objects.

An Optometrist Canberra will check your eyes and give the correct prescription.

Detached retina

The problem occurs all of a sudden. You see flashing lights frequently. They are often paired with black floaters. At first, people see a dark curtain that covers part of the vision.

This problem requires immediate attention. You must visit the nearest eye specialist and get the problem checked. There could be serious implications if the problem doesn’t get fast attention.


It is a common problem during old age. They develop quite slowly. It could be spotted by the eye specialist during the routine eye examination. Sometimes, it gets identified during the vision test for a driving license.

The symptoms begin with a hazy vision during the night. Later, people find trouble seeing movement. Headlights of other vehicles or even bright sunlight also cause discomfort.

In the advanced stage, pupils look milky white or opaque.

A cataract is removed by surgery and intraocular lenses are put in the eyes.


It is also a common cause of vision loss. The serious thing about Glaucoma is that sometimes, there are no symptoms until there is serious eye damage.

It cannot be identified by the routine tests carried out at Optical store Canberra. You have to visit an eye specialist. The best thing is to get a routine eye test done once a year after the age of 50.


There could be various problems that may cause vision loss. You should find on the search engine about ‘the best Optometrist near me and get the routine checkup done. A specialist should be seen if there are signs of bigger issues.

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