How much does it cost for a lawyer to represent you in court Australia?

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Lawyer Canberra

Lawyer Canberra

It is quite a pleasant imagination of walking from the court with a grin on the face. Yes, winning a case is cheerful but there is a lot of emotional and financial turmoil before that.

Especially if you hire an expensive Lawyer Canberra, the bills could be sky-high.

How much money are we talking about when we call it expensive? Well, it depends on what type of case you are dealing with?

You should not forget that the lawyer’s bill is not just for the courtroom. There are several aspects of it. Drafting documents, preparing statements, collecting evidence, meetings, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing statements are a few examples.

The charges depend on these parameters. But how much money should you keep aside? Let’s understand it.

Professional ch arges

The professional fee of a Commercial lawyer Canberra depends on his experience, level of involvement in the case, and expertise. Professional charges are for the efforts put by him to understand your case and find the right legal solution.

It is not for the procedural things such as stationary, filing fees, making documents, or search fees.

Fixed charges versus Hourly charges

Some lawyers prefer fixed-fee arrangements. They will charge the money upfront, say 500$. It means you do not need to pay on a time-cost basis.

However, it is for smaller legal matters that do not need a long time.

For complex legal matters that will run for several months (or years), the charge will be on a different costing method. It is called Hourly Charge.

It is on a time-cost basis. It means the lawyer will charge based on the amount of time required in your case. The hourly rate is fixed by the lawyer. A junior lawyer or a new entrant will charge less but a senior lawyer will have higher hourly rates.

A senior lawyer or Conveyancer Canberra is supposed to put more effort into the case. Hence, the rate is higher.

A few examples of hourly rates are:

  • Paralegal charges 100-200 dollars per hour. He is the cheapest of all.
  • Graduate lawyers charge 150-250 dollars for an hour.
  • Junior lawyers charge between 200 and 250 dollars for an hour.
  • Lawyers charge 250-350 dollars per hour.
  • Associates charge 350-450 dollars for an hour.
  • Senior lawyers are the most expensive. They may charge 600-700 dollars for an hour.

These figures are based on the available data. They are ballpark figures to give you an idea. For accurate charges, you need to call the lawyer or access the websites.

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