Do you need a prescription to see an optometrist Canberra?

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optometrist canberra

Optometrist Canberra

According to the definition, optometry is a therapeutic profession in Australia. An Optometrist Canberra is authorized to prescribe topical medicines for the treatment of ocular diseases.

In various states of Australia, it is valid and legal. So many optometrists have registered for therapeutic practice. Experts say that the number will increase further in the coming times.

It will happen because the training courses are integrating the treatment of eye disease into the undergraduate course.

What is the reason behind it? It is because this stream has embraced modern diagnostic methods and treatments.

A practicing optometrist has undertaken a university degree in optometry. He is registered with the Optometry Board of Australia, which is a registered organization. Thus, he is a certified doctor that you can trust.

When people search for the best Optometrist near me on the Internet, they expect that the doctor is not a person who just prescribes specs. On the contrary, they want an expert, who can resolve all problems related to the eyes and vision, whether they are big or small.

Optometrists can manage various conditions

The role of an Optometrist is vital in the management of conditions like anterior uveitis and glaucoma. Though it attracts debate among several stakeholders in the health field, especially organized ophthalmology.

The ailments associated with the eyes and eyesight are multifaceted. They need proper diagnosis and investigation.

An optometrist asks about the past eye health history and performs a number of tests to understand the problem. Based on the diagnosis, he decides on a further plan of action.

Many people think that when a person searches on the internet about an expert “Optometrist Canberra near me” he expects accurate spectacles, contacts, or reading glasses. Yes, earlier it used to be like this. Today, he is much beyond a person who provides visual aid devices for the visually impaired in an Optical store Canberra.

Indeed, the fundamental responsibility and area of expertise are the same, but the scope has widened in recent years.

Other than diagnosing and managing common eye conditions, e.g., short-sightedness, dry eyes, he can do many things. He can provide comprehensive eye health checks, assessments for serious conditions like Glaucoma or macular degeneration.

He knows when such conditions should be referred to an ophthalmologist. He participates in screening for important ailments like diabetes that impact the eyes. His opinion is considered important by the endocrinologist or general practitioner.

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