Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Syndrome

Eyes are precious. You should take every possible care to keep them healthy. Experts say that Eye Testing Canberra by a specialist once a year, you can maintain the healthy state of the eyes.

Amongst the various ailments, dry Eye Syndrome is quite common nowadays. As we are becoming more and more dependent on digital equipment, i.e., mobile phones, tablets, and computers, the eyes are getting more tired.

When we stare at these screens for longer hours, we tend to blink lesser times. Thus, our eyes do get lubricated and nourished.

Sometimes, a person does not have enough tears to keep the eyes moisturized.

It causes dryness in the eyes, which is called the Dry Eye Syndrome.

Though this problem does not cause a loss of vision, it makes the eyes prone to inflammation and bacterial infection.

If you feel any irritation or burning sensation in the eyes, it is better to meet an Optometrist Canberra for the diagnosis and treatment.


Before you search the web with the keyword ‘Optometrist near me’, it is essential to know the indications of Dry Eye Syndrome.

  • Itching and burning sensation
  • Eye fatigue
  • Feeling of heaviness
  • Sore eyes
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Feeling
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty in reading or using computers
  • Stringy mucus


There are several reasons behind Dry Eye Syndrome.

Aging is obviously a reason because, after the age of 60 years, the tear glands do not produce enough tears. It causes dryness in the eyes.

Sometimes, medical complications such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) become a reason for dry eyes.

People having thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, or diabetes can also have this problem.

Some medications and surgeries can also lead to a reduction in tear production. Lasik surgery or long-term usage of contact lenses can also cause this problem.

Environmental conditions like windy or dry climate, exposure to excessive heat, dust, or smoke may also cause increased evaporation of tears. It leads to Dry Eyes Syndrome.


You should blink more often to keep your eyes moist. Keep them hydrated by taking treatment. You can get them at any nearby Optical store Canberra.

You should avoid exposure to the sun, dry and windy climate. Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Doctors may prescribe eye drops for Dry Eye Syndrome.

It is important to maintain the good health of your eyes. Meet a specialist when you feel the smallest trouble, discomfort, or some unusual thing.

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