Solar Panels Installation Tips for New Build Homes

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5 Tips for Installing Solar Panels On a New Construction

Do you want to power your newly constructed house by the sun? Well, it is a great idea to incorporate solar energy into your house planning. It boosts the output and increases the ROI (return on investment).

Here are some tips for installing solar panels in your newly built home.

#1. Choose the right direction

You have to orient your home so that you get the best benefit of solar energy. You must have a large roof which is south facing.

If your house is rectangular, the longer side should face towards the south.

It would be best if you produce electricity that is sufficient for the consumption of your house round the year. When space is limited, then you will not get the full benefit of solar energy.

#2. Keep the roof tilted between 30 to 45 degrees

The angle of solar panels is important because it affects solar energy production. When you mount the solar panel at the right angle, you will get adequate electricity output throughout the year.

If the panels are kept at a steep angle, then you will get adequate power even during winters when the sun is lower in the sky.

The ideal angle is between 30 to 45 degrees.

#3. Place the vents and chimneys properly

It is very much essential to keep the solar system in a completely unshaded area at noon.

In case there are dormers, chimneys, or vents that create a shadow on the panel during the peak sunshine hours, the energy production hampers a lot.

Hence, always place these building features strategically to maximize energy production.

#4. Do not have any building obstructions

Buildings, trees, mobile towers, or anything else that shade the solar panel will bring a great reduction in the production of solar energy.

When you build a new home, keep it free from obstructions as much as possible. Deciduous trees also create shade during winters and cause a drop in energy production.

If there is no possibility of avoiding the shade, then place the solar equipment in such a way that the impact is less.

#5. Installation of the electrical conduit is important

You should run a conduit between the solar panel and the electrical panel. The setup should handle the solar panel array.

Most of the solar panel system is on the roof. However, some of the components are supposed to be installed near the electrical panel.

These tips will maximize the power output from your solar panel.

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