Important Facts About Solar Battery Rebate South Australia

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In South Australia, many people are availing the benefit of solar battery rebate. It is the home battery system paired with an inverter and attached with a rooftop solar panel.

It is not necessary to have backup power, but you should have it if you want an uninterrupted power supply in the event of a blackout.

You may have to install additional equipment if there are special requirements.

How does the system work? It stores excess power generated by the solar panels so that you can get power when the sun goes down.

Since you generate energy to fulfill the need of your house, you don’t draw power from the grid. And you save money on the energy bill. It is to promote the use of solar energy.

Subsidy makes the solar system more attractive

Over 40000 households in South Australia access over 100 Million dollars subsidies from the state governments to pay their installments. Expenses made on the home battery system can be recovered using the subsidy.

Who can be benefited by this subsidy? Well, everyone is eligible for it. The amount is calculated on kilowatt-hour capacity of batteries. The government ensures that low-income households are supported to access the subsidy scheme.

Let’s understand the level of subsidies in detail.

If you install a battery of 5KWH of storage, the subsidy is $2500 or $3000 for energy concession holders.

Yes, the subsidy will vary depending on the size of the battery. The capping for subsidy is $6000 per battery installed.

It is estimated that more than 40000 households in South Australia access $100 Million in subsidies. It helps in paying installments of the home battery system.

There is an additional 100 Million dollars subsidy provided by CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation).  As mentioned earlier, low-income household is supported to access the subsidy scheme.

What is the subsidy scheme?

The scheme is designed in such a way that each household on the grid is eligible to install a subsidized home battery system.

South Australian Energy Concession holders are eligible to access higher level subsidies. It assists the lower income grade households.

The process of claiming this subsidy is simple. You are supposed to have only an approved battery system. If the battery system is not qualified under the scheme, then you may not get a subsidy.

To know the terms and conditions, you must access sources of information that are valid and authentic.

You can get relevant information from the Internet. Several websites offer this information.

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