How Much Money will I Save Using Solar Power Adelaide?

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There is no doubt that solar power saves money. However, the real question is, how much will you save?

If you are in Adelaide and searching for some good-quality solar power system, then this blog is quite useful.

Solar energy will drop down the running cost of the property.

Costs estimated in the blog are ballpark figures. Actual costs may vary because of other aspects.

Some factors that determine solar power generation:

  • Average energy consumption
  • Feed-in tariff rates
  • Usage pattern
  • The size of the solar power system
  • Location of your house
  • The power generated by the solar power system

When you call a solar power expert in Adelaide for consultation, he will bring the necessary tools to calculate these parameters.

Your saving depends on your energy consumption

To determine how much will you save by installing a solar power system, you need to know how much energy you consume in Kilowatt Hours (KWh).

Once you are clear about it, you can compare different solar systems.

Houses, where energy consumption is very high are supposed to install solar power systems that are 5KW or higher. A 5KW solar system generates energy between 18KW/h and 25KW/h on average per day.

Your saving depends on usage pattern as well

A solar power system generates electricity when there are daylight hours.  If you generate more electricity than what you need, then it is possible to feed it back into the grid.

Your energy provider will credit them and offset your power bills. The clean electricity created by your solar power system is used in your home first. Then the excess power is fed to the grid.

Large solar power systems produce much higher power than a 2KW system. Since the system you choose should be large enough to cover your domestic power needs, it is essential to do size calculations first.

Cost calculation

If you compare the average solar radiation per square meter, then Australia is the best in the world. Hence, the opportunity for harnessing solar power is unlimited.

Geographic location of your property influences the energy production of solar power system. The more you produce, the more you save.

Areas where solar radiation is stronger, one can install a 2KW system. Areas where solar radiation is weak, you may have to install a 3KW system to achieve the same result. It is no need to mention that the cost in the latter case is more.

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