How to Prepare Your Trees for Winter?

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

As the winter season approaches closer, the trees get a head start on preparing for it. The leaves change their color and finally shed.

When the trees get ready for the season, you must support them by doing a few activities so that they can face the harsh and cold winter.

Don’t know about it? This blog tells you about it.

#1 Clean the garden

You need to inspect the garden and check for the dead trees. Remove them from the garden.

Similarly, you should check for the dead branches as well.

If you have full-grown trees, then you need a tree removal company to perform the job.

#2 Prune the trees

Another important part of the cleanup process is pruning. Pruning is the process of removing dying or dead branches. It improves the strength of trees.

The pruning process is vital for sustaining the life of trees. If you do not remove the dying branches, they may fall when heavy snow sits on them.

Hence, it is essential to call a tree pruning expert before the winter season begins.

#3 Wrap the trees

Why is wrapping important?

Trees get extra protection from their leaves. When the trees shed their leaves, you need to make some alternative arrangements.

Wrapping is a good idea. It helps the tree to face winter sunscald and other conditions that damage the bark.

It would be best if you wrapped the tree from top to bottom so that moisture doesn’t accumulate on the folds.

#4 Place mulch around the trees

When you place mulch around the trees, it reduces the temperature extremes when the season is cool and dry.

Also, it helps the trees to retain moisture.

However, there is a word of advice. Keep a gap of 6 inches, at least between the mulch and the tree. It discourages the growth of fungus on the trunk.

#5 Add fertilizer to the tree

Before the harsh season of winters begins, it is the right time to supplement the soil with some nutrients. Add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil so that your trees get a supply of nutrition throughout the winter season.

They will get some extra strength to fight disease and insects.

You need to be proactive and alert so that you take the right step at the right time. It will safeguard the trees during winter.

Indeed, it is a difficult time for the trees, but you can make it comfortable by following the simple steps given in the blog.

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