How Much Does it prices for a Car Window Tinting?

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When the window tints start peeling off or bubbling, your car has a look that is not desirable.

What should you do? Give a buzz to a service provider and change the window tint as early as possible.

Well, it is not that easy as it looks. When you start looking for options, there are hundreds of choices available.

The cost of window tint varies depending on the variety and quality. This blog gives a broad guideline.

So-called DIY kits are available at far lower prices, but everyone can’t install it based on the instructions. It is a job that expects skill and precision.

Many people lay film by following the instruction which looks good initially, but within six months it comes off the glass or shows bubbles on the surface.

Estimating window tinting cost

A large number of service providers are there across the country who offer professional tinting services at competitive rates.

There are two types of cost calculations; per window basis and for the whole car.

The basic cost starts from 25$ to 50$ per window or 100$ to 200$ for the whole car.

If you choose the best tints, then the cost may become 199$ to 400$ for the whole car. Usually, the higher-quality tints are offered for the whole car and not for individual windows.

What determines the price of a window tint? Experts say that heat rejection is the deciding criterion. The more heat it rejects, the costlier it is.

Sometimes, people tint just front two windows, or they use high heat-rejecting tints for the front row and cheaper tints for the rear windows.

It saves a few bucks.

The type of vehicle is also a deciding factor. Window tints of costly, luxury cars are normally expensive. For small pickup vans, the compete for cost ranges between 120$ and 300$.

High-performance window tint is color dyed with metal. Hence, it doesn’t lose the charm for a long time. Ceramic tints are inexpensive, but their life is short.

Prices for SUV or mid-sized cars will be slightly higher.

Which service provider should you hire?

It is not advisable to hire a service provider without any reference. Window tinting should be done by someone whom you trust.

Read online reviews, see the reputation, and then assign the work.

Whether it is standard, non-reflective tint, or high-performance tint, do not assign the work without validating the service provider.

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