How much window tint is legal Victoria?

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How much window tint is legal Victoria?

When people think about the most popular aftermarket modifications of a car, the top one is window tinting in Melbourne. Every car owner knows that there are several benefits of tints. And that is the reason they want to install the best tint.

But at the same time, it is critically important to remember that there are certain norms and regulations about window tints. Before calling a service provider, you need to gather information about it.

Whether you are installing the tints for the first time or you are replacing the existing one with a new tint, the regulations need to be referred to.

The best thing, however, is to call an authorized installation that provides services for window tinting in Melbourne. There you will get only approved window tints. Such companies do not break the rules or violate the laws.

They will suggest a tint that suits your needs and abide by the guidelines. Thus, you need not worry about breaking any rules.

What Is Window Tinting?

New cars come with pre-tinted windows. But we need to install tints if they are not sufficient to fulfill your needs. As an aftermarket upgrade, you install window tints that are a thin layer of film inside the car window. Based on their manufacturing process, there are different types of tints with different benefits.

Also, the films offer different levels of darkness. It is expressed in a term that is known as VLT or Visible Light Percentage. This percentage shows how much light the film allows through and ignoring it can get you into trouble.

You should always remember that every state has different norms and regulations. It means the rules of car window tinting in Melbourne might be different than in Victoria.

As far as legal requirements for window tinting in Victoria are concerned, if the windscreen is factory tinted or privacy glass, then it can have a minimum VLT of 70 percent.

You can apply a tinted band with less than 70 percent VLT to the top of the windscreen. It can either the top 10 percent of the windscreen or above the wiper arc area, whichever is greater.

When you check the car window tinting in Melbourne, prices may vary based on your needs. For light buses or goods vehicles, the pricing is different.

Hence, talk to the service provider before you make the decision. Do not do it hastily.

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