The Cost of Car Window Tinting Melbourne: Factors to Consider

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Driving a car without installing window tints could be difficult. It is because the glare will make you uncomfortable. It is the reason; you need to call a service provider who offers good-quality car window tint in Melbourne.

Looking at the benefits offered by them, you would like to have the best tints. But sometimes you hesitate because the cost looks unaffordable. Wait, there is a wide range of options for car window tints. You can select one from the available choices and enjoy its benefits.

What are the top cost influencers? Let’s understand them in this blog.

How Much Will Car Tinting Cost – 6 Factors to Consider

The type of the vehicle

Yes, the make and model of the vehicle are key aspects. They can influence the cost of window tint a lot. Tints of standard-sized windows are cheaper than large-sized windows. Some cars have unusual shapes of rear windows. In such cases, the tinting cost is higher than standard tinting.

Number of Windows

In car window tinting in Melbourne prices are governed by many aspects, and the number of windows is one of them. The greater the number, the higher the cost. How many windows do you want to get tinted?

The number of windows will also affect the time required for installation.

Type of Car Window Tint

There are different types of car window tints available:

Metal: These tints are good in terms of reducing heat. They come with a wide range of various metals affixed to it.

Dyed tints: They are made by adding dyes to polymer, and hence, they give the best protection against the sunlight.

Ceramic tint: This technology is the latest. There are nano-ceramics in this to absorb heat efficiently.

Crystalline: These tints offer infrared and heat barrier without darkening.

Are you not sure which one to choose? Well, you need to speak to a professional to help you understand the right tint.


Does the window tint offer a lifetime warranty? If yes, then it is the best. Some brands offer a warranty of five to ten years.

Level of UV Protection

A tint that offers a high level of UV protection is good. It will be a costlier tint. Since UV rays are harmful to our health, it is important to choose the right tint.


So, there are many factors that impact the cost of car window tints. Shop around and do your research well. Pick a tint that will protect you from the sun’s glare and prying eyes.

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