How long does it take for tint bubbles to go away?

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How long does it take for tint bubbles to go away

Have you got your windows tinted? If yes, then you will have to look at it regularly. Eventually, the window tint is likely to peel or bubble. When will it happen? Well, it depends on the service quality of the provider that has done car window tinting in Melbourne.

If your window tint was not applied well, then it may peel or bubble quickly. It often happens if you are trying to do it yourself, especially for the first time.

But what will happen if there are bubbles? Let’s understand it.

It’s common to see small bubbles under freshly installed tints. Normally, these bubbles go away within a couple of weeks. Since these bubbles are very small, you should not bother about them. They will disappear very soon.

If window tinting in Melbourne is done in the winter, then the bubbles will take longer to go away.

A quick and easy method of getting rid of small bubbles is pricking them using a very sharp pin or needle. Then smoothen them by pressing them using an old and unusable credit card.

Is there excessive bubbling? If yes, then your tint needs to be redone.

As car window tinting prices in Melbourne are going higher, many people want to install tints using the DIY method. But the probability of having bubbles is higher when you do it on your own. So, never do it if you are not a professional. Instead, go to an expert.

Bubbles In The Tint During & After Installation

Why do bubbles appear on tints?

Usually, bubbles do not appear if the work is done by a company that has been doing car window tinting in Melbourne for many years.

As far as other reasons are concerned, you should check if what you are seeing on the film are water bubbles, soap, air, or contamination.

They look similar initially, but they can be very different in terms of restoration.

Water Bubbles, or “blistering,” is perfectly normal after window tint installation. As said earlier, they will go over time on their own. Once the film cures well, you will see a smooth and plain finish.

Air/soap bubbles will get smaller after the film has cured, but they will never go away completely.

When the installer does not prep and clean the windows properly, then the bubbles will develop.

If they are very visible, then you will have to have the windows tinted again. And it has to be at the expense of the installer because it is his fault and inefficiency.

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