How long does it take to install a sliding gate?

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How long does it take to install a sliding gate?

Sliding Gate

If you are a person with a technical mind, then installation of Sliding Gate Adelaide will not be a very tough thing. Experts say that it will take around 5 to 6 hours if you do it systematically after acquiring the knowledge of it.

Out of these 5-6 hours, two to three hours for installing the motor and gear racks. There will be some additional time required for installing fence posts or concrete surfaces.

You will have to arrange a few tools to install the gate and accessories. Some tools are concrete screws, brackets, metal screws, etc.

It will install Fencing Adelaide in a cost-effective way to get the entry you want. You can create security and privacy. The steps involved in installing a sliding gate are given in this blog.

#1 start with the planning

As they say, “well begun is half done”; you need to take some time to plan the size and type of sliding gate for the space.

You will need to call one of the Fencing Contractors Adelaide to get guidance about the opening size, and adequate track runoff for when you want to open the gate.    

You should keep 300 mm extra for operating the motor.

#2 Preparation

It is important to prepare the surface well. It has to be consistent and straight for both the opening width. The surface need not be flat.

If there are no existing posts, then you will have to install them. You have to dig a deep foundation to install the post. It is essential to install posts well for better stability.

#3 About the gate track

The center of the track should be 80 millimeters to 100 millimeters from the face of the post. You should take the track lengths out. Lay them properly on the ground. To fix the track down, you need to drill holes in the concrete using concrete screws.

#4 Install the gate

You need to install the gate by laying it flat on the ground. Make sure, you use a soft surface as the base. After pre-drilling the holes, you should fix the wheels to the gate. Use metal screws for this.

#5 Guide bracket

You should install the guide buckets above the gate. Thus, the gate would not fall over and guide it left and right.

Once you install the gate, you should install a gate catcher and stopper.

You can install an automated gate, but it is optional.

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