What time of year is best for pest control?

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What time of year is best for pest control?

Best time for pest control

Bug control Adelaide is an important activity that one should carry out to keep the home in good order. But many times, homeowners do not know when to do it? What is the best time to call a pest controller?

This blog would talk about it.

Some experts feel that there is no specific time to do pest control. The moment you find the presence of pests. It is the right time. Except for the rainy seasons or extreme winters, you can call a pest-control specialist on any day.

It is more important to keep your home protected.

Actually, different pests have active time during different phases of the year. Hence, it is essential to know about it when you do the pest inspection.

An expert pest control Adelaide agency will carry out an inspection when you call it. A detailed report will be submitted to you along with a pest control plan around the year.

How often you are supposed to call the pest control company in a year will depend on the location, type of pests, and the date of the last pest control done in the house.

Each pest infestation is different and so is its pest treatment. Therefore, you will require professionals, who have adequate knowledge about various pests and their treatment.  A professional pest control company is the best.

When should you call the pest-control specialist?

Spring is one of the best seasons. The temperature rises at comfortable levels, which makes the pests active. Since their activity can be tracked easily, controlling becomes easier.

Normally pests get ready to lay eggs during September and November. Pests seek warm areas and higher humidity to reproduce.

Termites are more active during the springs. So, you have to take pest control during that period. Pests that are active during this time are spiders, rats, ants, termites, etc.

As far as termites are concerned, experts suggest that one should not wait for the problem to grow bigger. Call the number one pest-control specialist and tell them about your problem.


There is no good or bad time as far as pest control is concerned. You should dial the number of pest control Adelaide and give the yearly maintenance contract. The agency will come and perform pest control at regular intervals.

Thus, your house will remain protected from harmful pests. Pests will not get an opportunity to reproduce. Thus, the home will remain pest-free all the time.

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