How high can my fence be in South Australia?

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How high can my fence be in South Australia?

Professional Fencing Contractors South Australia

Fencing south Australia is an important part of every household. It is not something that just gives a sense of safety, but it enhances the curb appeal of the house as well.

When you build a fence, don’t think that it is simply gathering material and putting it together in the way you wish. Before building a fence, you should go through the norms and guidelines about erecting a fence. And every state has different guidelines. So, you have to be specific.

Whether you build a fence on your own or you hire Fencing Contractors Adelaide, you have to be clear about the fencing rules.

Why are there laws and guidelines about erecting the fence? It is because the authorities want to ensure that you stay safe during the construction of the fence and then for the lifetime of the fence.

A properly erected fence following guidelines will provide you a feeling of safety and mental peace.

Read the regulations thoroughly

Some regulations are universal. It means, they apply to the whole country. In addition to that, there are certain standards and laws on fencing that vary from one state to the other.

You need to be sure about pool fencing standards and Fencing Adelaide height regulations.

Regardless of what type of fencing you erect, it gets affected by factors like position, height, and structure. Therefore, things become a little complex.

Therefore, you need Australian Fencing Requirements comprehensively so that the construction process becomes simple.

If you call professional Fencing Contractors Adelaide, then you are relieved. It is because the contractors are experienced and knowledgeable. They know the regulations well.

Fence standards in South Australia

As stated before, each state has a separate set of rules as far as the height of the fence is concerned. Hence, you need to check with the authorities.

  • South Australia: In most cases, if the height of the planned fence exceeds 2.1 meters in height, then you will have to get a permit. If it is a masonry fence, then the height limit will be 1 meter. Other categories of fences like brush fences and retaining walls have different guidelines. That you are supposed to talk to the local council or South Australian Franchisees. They will give you specific guidelines about the personal project.

If you want more information about Australian Fencing Standards, then you should call an expert. Nowadays, it is possible to know the information on the Internet.

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