Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: An Energy Efficient Solution for Your Home

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Energy Efficient Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

When you experience the hottest summer on record, it is impossible to survive without an air-conditioner.

You put the AC on for hours to get relief from the incredible heat, without thinking about the electricity bill that gives a shock of life to you at the end of the month.

Well, you can’t put the air-conditioner off just because it consumes a lot of power. The better option is to install a power-efficient air-conditioning solution.

If you compare different varieties of air-conditioners, then ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning system saves the maximum energy.

Let’s understand something more about it.

What is a ducted reverse air-conditioner?

A ducted reverse cycle system directs the cool or warm air into different rooms using ducts. The temperature is controlled by a control panel.

Each room can have different sensors in different rooms to ensure the right temperature.

It is possible to divide the home into different zones to select different airflows and temperatures for different parts.

A reverse air-conditioner can cool and heat the home. Fans draw the hot air from the house and transfer it to a liquid called refrigerant.

The air cools and flows back to the ducts.

The refrigerant becomes hot and evaporates and flows out to the compressor that creates gas of high pressure and temperature.

This gas is pumped to the heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to the atmosphere.

Why is ducted reverse cycle air-conditioner energy efficient?

  • The initial outlay for a split air-conditioner is less, but it is not cost-efficient in the long run. A reverse cycle ducted system transfers cool air quite efficiently and effectively. The desired temperature is achieved quickly.
  • Since a reverse cycle system has heating capabilities, it saves costs. Also, its high energy efficiency makes heating and cooling fast. You do not need to spend on alternate appliances like oil heaters or fan heaters.
  • A ducted system is installed with the zoning capability, which makes it furthermore energy efficient. It is possible to turn off the cooling if the particular zone is not being used. In standard systems, air-conditioner has to be kept running as the heating and cooling is not confined to a particular area.

Since a ducted system overcomes the limitations of other comparable options, it is considered the most efficient one.

Due to its ducted design, warm or cool air is directed where it is required. The system doesn’t have to work extra. It makes the ducted system energy saver.

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