Process to Install Security Fence in Adelaide

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A security fencing in Adelaide is a wise investment for your home, business, farm, or factory. Not only it offers protection, but it enhances the value of your property also. You can pick the fence from various materials and designs.

Points to consider before installation

It is impossible to do the process of installation in isolation. You need the help of some professionals. Also, it is essential to talk to your neighbor and intimate him about the security fence as the border being shared. While choosing the fence, you should consider the surrounding terrain. Choose a fence that matches the surroundings. It is good to choose color and style that goes in harmony with the ambiance.

Choose ingredients carefully to protect your premises well. The wire mesh fence is a great choice when it comes to select the right fence amongst various choices. Make sure you furnish it with anti-cut and anti-climb features for better safety. It makes it almost impenetrable.

Wire mesh fence offers better visibility, and it can be a smarter choice amongst other comparable options.

Installation process

Planning and preparation

  • The site survey has to be done with 100% accuracy.
  • Mark the corners, high and low points, and change of direction in the fence line.
  • Begin from a point from where you work down the slope.

Establish a sighting post

  • You have to place the sighting post from a distance down the fence.
  • Attach a fish line to it.

Dig holes

  • First, you have to mark out post holes.
  • Dig holes of required width and depth.

Place the first post

  • It is crucial to assemble the 1st panel and post.
  • Position the post in the 1st hole.

Line up posts

  • Using a fish line attached to the sighting post, you should line up the posts.
  • To ensure that the post is vertical, you need a spirit level.
  • Fill concrete in the post hole.

Position second and subsequent posts

  • You are supposed to insert 2nd post in the next hole.
  • Fit to the end of the first mesh panel.
  • Now the second mesh panel should be inserted into the second post.
  • Secure the panels using a flange plate.
  • Tighten bolts after leveling.
  • Repeat the process for subsequent posts and panels.
  • Check the levels for the previous three posts. It ensures that the work is done with 100% accuracy.                                                                                          

Step the panels

  • Follow the slope to step the panels.
  • Slack off the bolts.
  • Slide down panels.

These are steps to install a fence in your courtyard.

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