Simple steps on how to fix the leak in your clay tile roof

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Tiles made of clay are likely to be bulky and delicate when wet due to their weight and slippiness. Clay tiles can also be difficult to install because sneaking tiles between the vertical joints when the cement is not yet dry is very critical in terms of avoiding cracks. Safety should always come first in any activity you engage in, so you should consider working with a helper and using regulatory protective equipment as a necessity when the need arises. While working up on the roof may be intimidating, it’s always better to call for roof repairs Adelaide rather than try it alone.

How to Fix a Leak in Your Clay Tile Roof: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Try to find the leak:

Wasting no time, the first thing you will need to do is locate the very place the leak is emanating from within your home. Watch for spots where watermarks appear on the walls or on the ceiling. Water droplets will drip down to the highest point, either the attic or above. Firstly, you ought to pin down the general area of the leak (from outside). Hire professionals for leaking roof repairs Adelaide.

2. Check Tiles:

Delicately scrutinize the clay fragments in the suspicious territory. Keep an eye out for those cracked, broken, or lost tiles. These are the rivals who might have gossiped. Inspect tile grout too; cracks may allow water to creep into the underlying structure of your ceramic fixtures.

3. Repairing the Cracks and Clogs:

As for the tile, for instance, if it only has a small crack, you may be able to do some temporary covering by yourself. Switch to a rope sealer, which is intended for clay tile roofs.

4. Replacing Damaged Tiles:

If a tile is damaged or broken, you need to buy it to replace that tile. You should remove the surrounding tiles to access the damaged ones. Proceed with tiling. Now, install new tiles in their place and secure them with mortar using the original tiling method.

5. Re-bedding of dis-shed tiles:

On tiles that are not tightly bonded with deteriorated mortar, be careful to remove the tile and the underlying area by brushing gently. To fill the space between the tile and the tile, apply fresh mortar to bed it firmly.

6. Deal with stem issues:

System-underlying problems, such as, not applying the chimney or vents, may be the reason. If you try to repair a leak and it seems to be an ongoing issue or too complex for you, don’t hesitate to hire a professional roofer who will do the problem-solving job for you.


If trying to fix the leak by yourself doesn’t work or you are afraid of failing through the process, we would be glad to get in touch with Adelaide roof repairs, and they will help with it. Adelaide Roof Repair can solve the trouble, and supply top-notch solutions for your clay tiles.

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