Which Brand of Air Conditioning Is the Best in Australia?

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Best Air Conditioning Brand in Australia

Air-conditioners are one of the most used appliances in Australian households. When you start your air-conditioner search, you should look for the best one.

Which brand of air conditioning Adelaide is better? Well, it depends on your personal preference. Brands are rated on their features, ease of use, and reliability.

Let’s know about some of the best brands in Australia.


Panasonic is a wide range of wall-mounted split air-conditioners, inverter multi-split air-conditioners, under ceiling air-conditioners, and so on. Many air-conditioners come with an inverter to bring down energy consumption. The compressor rotation speed can be adjusted based on room temperature.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning service Adelaide is the one-stop-shop for a wide range of air-conditioners. There could be ducted, console split, bulkhead, wall-mounted, and so on. Both “Premium” and standard “Classic” single-speed compressor versions are there in the Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted range.

Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General brings all varieties of air-conditioners- wall-mounted, ducted, cassette, floor, and ceiling, multi-type systems, and so on. You have three ranges of air-conditioners to chose from- Classic, Designer, and Lifestyle.

The classic range is designed to be quick and efficient. The Lifestyle range is energy efficient with a Five-Star rating. The Designer range is the most expensive with extra features and a sleek and modern finish. The system has special ‘human sensor control’ if there is no detected movement for 20 minutes.


LG brings a long-range of multi-split, ducted, wall-mounted, and split systems. All are reverse cycles and include the ‘Active Energy Control’ feature that allows users to limit their energy consumption. With unique four-way air-control (both side vertical and horizontal).


Daikin has a wide range of ducted, multi-spit, and wall-mounted split systems. Each system comes in various varieties with several features. The air-conditioners of the Daikin brand have a ‘Super Efficiency’ energy star rating.


Samsung brings good-quality domestic air-conditioners with cooling capacities ranging from 2.5kW to 8kW. They have a special turbo mode to quickly reach desired temperatures. Good Sleep mode adjusts airflow automatically and controls the direction and fan speed for comfortable sleep. The Auto Clean feature keeps the fan running ata slow speed for a while after the unit is switched off. It dries off the heat exchanger and prevents bacterial growth.


Braemar sells a variety of air conditioning Adelaide such as split system, multi-split system, evaporative and ducted air-conditioners. Braemar’s split system offers DC inverter technology. It maximizes efficiency by regulating voltage, frequency, and current.

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