How Does Air Conditioning Work?

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Image of Air Conditioning Work

Process of Cooling Your Home with AC

You have been so much used to with the air-conditioning system.

It keeps your home comfortably cool during summers and cozy warm in the winters, but did you ever think how does it do that?

Well, we take things so much granted that we don’t even pay any attention to them.

The air-conditioner is a part of the central heating or cooling system that keeps the interior temperature regulated. The cold or hot air is supplied through the sheet metal duct work.

It is a combination of electrical and mechanical components that work in conjunction.

This blog explains you about the working mechanism of an air-conditioning system.

# The Process of Cooling

The air-conditioning system uses chemicals to convert from gas to liquid and back into gas. This process happens with fast speed.

These chemicals are called coolants; they transfer the heat from the inside to outside. The unit has three parts-compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

Out of the three components, the first two are located in the air conditioning Adelaide, whereas the evaporator is found inside the house.

The cooling fluid reaches the compressor in the form of low-pressure gas. In the compressor, the gas gets squeezed and turns into liquid.

The molecules of the liquid are very close. The closer the compressor brings them together, the higher the energy and temperature rise.

# The process of blowing hot or cold air

The working fluid comes out of the compressor in the form of hot, high-pressure gas. In the outside unit of the air-conditioning system, there are metal fins. They dissipate heat faster.

When the fluid comes out from the condenser, it cools down and changes its form. It gets liquefied due to high pressure. As it comes out through a narrow hole, its pressure drops. Thus, the fluid once again turns into a gas.

In this process, the heat is extracted from the surrounding air. The metal fins help the exchange of thermal energy with the surrounding air.

When the refrigerant comes out from the evaporator, it gets converted into low-pressure, chilled gas. It goes into the compressor, and the whole cycle begins once more.

The air-conditioning system sucks the air through the vent, cools it, and blows back into the house through the duct.

This transfer of air continues till the inner temperature reaches the desired level. When the thermostat senses that the temperature has reached the appropriate level, it shuts the compressor off.

It starts the compressor again when the inner temperature rises beyond the set limit.

It is the working mechanism of an air-conditioner in your house.

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