6 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

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The suspension system is a vital part of your car. It is something that forms a bridge between the body of the car and the wheels.

It is impossible to have a smooth ride unless there is a proper car suspension system is in place.

It is a combination of wheels of the car, shock absorbers, springs, and everything that connects the body and the wheels.

The suspension system is a differentiating factor between two cars. In a sports car, for example, there is a hard suspension system. In a passenger car, it is soft because riding comfort is most important.

Here are six top warning signs that indicate the need for suspension repair:

#1 car gets pulled to one side

Though it is not always a sign of suspension problem, in the majority of the cases, it is.

If you feel like the car getting pulled to one side, it is better to get it checked. The car will lose the road grip if you are racing.

Check the tires of the car, steering component first. If they are fine, then it is undoubtedly a problem with the suspension.

#2 Dipping of the car when it stops

When you apply brakes, you feel dip forward. It happens because of inertia. It is a physics phenomenon, and quite normal.

However, if the dip is more than usual (a feeling like a car is nose-diving), then please check the shock absorbers as soon as possible.

It might be because of worn-out suspensions.

#3 Dipping on one corner

Do you feel a dipping on one corner while driving your vehicle? Stop at the nearest safe point and check the tires on that side.

Is there any issue with the air pressure? If not, then it is something with the suspension system of the car. You need to take it to an expert mechanic and resolve the problem before it gets any worse.

#4 Oil on the absorbers

It would help if you were vigilant about the smallest problem with your car. Take the shock absorbers, for example. Visually examine them for abnormality. If there is excess oil than usual, then it is a problem.

#5 Drift while taking corners

If you feel drift while turning the car, then there is something wrong with the suspension system. Get it checked immediately.

#6 A bouncy ride

The car has to bounce a little on the speed bump or deep pothole. If the bump is more than usual, then it is a warning sign regarding the suspension system.

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