7 Insidious Air Conditioning Smells and their Surprising Causes

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7 Insidious Air Conditioning Smells and their Surprising Causes

A foul smell produced by an air-conditioner could be a sign of a major problem. If you turn on it and feel some smell, then it is important to switch off the system first. Dial the number of a reputed air-conditioner support company in Adelaide.

#1 Smelling like rotten eggs

If your air-conditioner smells like rotten eggs, then act fast! It means the gas is leaking. Though it does not have any smell naturally, an artificial odor is added to it as a safety precaution.

Remember, it is hazardous. Hence, act fast and ventilate the area. Dial the air conditioning repairs immediately!

#2 Smelling like Sulphur

If the air-conditioner releases a sulfuric odor, then there must be some rodent has died in the air-conditioning system. Mice, rats, lizards, or possums enter the air-conditioning system and ducts. Sometimes, they get trapped inside and die.

You have to call air conditioning service Adelaide to address the problem after investigation.

#3 Burning smell

It is one of the most alarming smells. In the majority of the cases, it is due to a fault in the electrical system. The reason may be anything; short circuit, damage due to water, overheating, or build-up of dust.

You should call the service engineer immediately. Switch off the air-conditioner first. It is also important to service the system at regular intervals.

#4 Smelling like gunpowder

Again, it is also an alarming condition. There could be multiple reasons behind this. The fan motor or circuit board might have been damaged. The reason could be overheating, voltage fluctuation, or water damage. It requires consultation from air conditioning Adelaide service provider.

#5 Chemical Smell

Sometimes, the air-conditioner system emits a smell like paint or thinner. It means the system is leaking essential fluids. The smell is harmful for your health and the environment. Not only that, the performance of the system also goes down.

To resolve this problem, you need an experienced and qualified technician.

#6 Smell of mould or mildew

A musty aroma from the air-conditioner system indicates that the system is leaking somewhere. Drip lines, evaporator coil, or drain pan may clog and leak. The leaking water becomes a breeding ground for mould or mildew.

Such smells may be a result of dirty air filters in areas with higher humidity.

#7 Smell like exhaust fume

Air-conditioners need motors. All these motors need lubrication. If the oil overheats, then it burns and causes an unpleasant aroma.

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