What is the Difference Between Pest and Termite?

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What is the difference between pest and termite?

Difference Between Pest and Termite

You get upset with the encounter of unwanted guests such as ants, cockroaches, or termites. Yes, they are nuisance elements. They cause harm to the property and also become a carrier of various diseases. Before their menace goes beyond control, you need to call some expert pest control Adelaide agency and get rid of them.

Just like other pests and insects, termites are also troublesome. But to control them effectively, you need specialized termite treatment. Generic pest control will be incapable of controlling their menace. Why is it so?

It is because termites are hard to control. They make their colonies in an invisible manner and therefore, cause great harm. Only expert termite control companies can find out their habitat and eradicate them.

Difference between termites and pests

Pests are any living creatures that can be eradicated by pest control treatment methods. Pests are equally problematic for residential and commercial premises. They cause harm in various ways. For example, cockroaches contaminate food and spread diseases.  Rats, mice, and raccoons destroy the food and dig a hole in the garden. They destroy plants also.

Termites Adelaide are predominantly wood-destroying creatures. They attack your wooden furniture and fixture. When the wood is eaten by termites, the furniture loses its strength.

Characteristics that differentiate between pests and termites

  • Physical appearance and body shape: Pests have constricted waist whereas termites do not have waists. Termites are rectangular-shaped insects.
  • Antennae: Pests normally have elbowed-shaped antennae. Termites have straight beaded antennae so that they can figure out the path easily.
  • Color: Almost all pests are dark in color, whereas termites are white or creamy in color. Pests are found mainly on open sealed food. Therefore, their color helps in hiding from the enemies.
  • Visibility: Pests are easily visible. Termites hide in dark places. You cannot usually see them. You can only feel their presence.
  • Wings: All pests have wings. Termites do not have permanent wings. Only mature adults that can reproduce develop wings so that they can search new locality. These wings drop next day, and termites die after laying eggs.
  • Nature: Pests attack on the food and cause major health risks. Termites do not cause health risks, but they destroy valuable wooden furniture and wooden structures.

Pests can be controlled by specific pest control methods. For termites, you need specialized termite control techniques. You need to search for the right expert to get excellent results.

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