6 Problematic Air Conditioner Noises that Require Immediate Attention

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You want that your air conditioning Adelaide system to work year after year silently. However, at times, it starts making strange sounds. Check for these problematic sounds.

Six Problematic Air Conditioner Noises and what they Represent:

#1 Hissing sound

When there is a strange hissing sound, it means, the air is leaking somewhere. Or the refrigerant might be leaking from the compressor.

If it is due to an air leak, then you need not worry much. It is a relatively small issue. It is refrigerant leaking, then you need to dial the service engineer immediately.

This problem will impede the performance of your system. Also, the gas is poisonous.

#2 Rattling Sound

It is a very annoying and disturbing sound. Sometimes debris or small sand particles enter the system and rattle. If it is the reason, then the sound will stop as the foreign particles are thrown out from the blower.

If there is some breakage inside, and the part is making a rattling sound due to the vibration of the system, then you need to call the expert and get it checked.

Stop the air-conditioner immediately because the part may damage the blower and cause further breakage.

#3 Squealing Sound

An equally disturbing sound is a squealing sound coming from the air-conditioner. It is an indication that the belt of the blower motor has slipped. It has to be adjusted back. This problem is not there in modern air-conditioners, though.

Sometimes, this sound comes from the worn bearings of the condenser.

For both issues, you need the help of an air conditioning service Adelaide.

#4 Humming sound

Though a mild humming sound is common, you need to worry about it if the noise level goes beyond the tolerance level. It means, that the fan motor is having some issues.

There could be some dust or some debris or dirt accumulated in the motor.

Check if the fan is blocked. It also causes a humming sound.

These issues need a technician’s expertise. The internal system has to be accessed to correct the problem. You need to call air conditioning repairs promptly.

#5 Buzzing sound

The buzzing sound may be due to an electrical fault. It indicates an electrical discharge from a loose or damaged wire.

Power off the unit immediately and call the specialist. This problem requires immediate action.

#6 Popping Sound

Constant popping or clicking sounds is a reason for concern. There could be some faulty relay or thermostat. Check the warranty card and call the system support engineer.

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