How to Clean Your Office to Make it Safe During Covid-19

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Clean Your Office To Make It Safe During Covid-19

The emergence of Novel Coronavirus has been a life-changer. It has created an unprecedented impact on our personal and professional life. Though the virus has been controlled after mass vaccination, it seems that the Corona Protocol will still remain a reality for some time.

While almost all the offices were closed during the peak of the pandemic, normalcy is getting established slowly as the cases have reduced to the minimum.

Since people are returning to the office premises, the cleaning processes also should be revised as per the Corona protection guidelines.

It is important that the cleaning services Adelaide incorporate them into their periodic cleaning activities.

This blog is meant to cover the fundamentals of creating a sanitary work environment so that we can help everyone stay healthy in the office.

Cleaning guidelines should be followed

The spread of Coronavirus is unavoidable, but it can be limited up to a great extent if the cleanliness protocol is followed.

Good and stringent cleaning and disinfection routines can minimize the possibility of infection. Office surfaces and objects are the super spreaders.

As responsible citizens and employees, it is our duty to maintain a clean environment in the office. Then only everyone will feel safe coming every day.

Office cleaning Adelaide routine should be decided based on the number of people visiting the office, office hours, and the possibility of exposure.

Key parameters

While every person has to be aware of the cleanliness guidelines issued by the WHO and local authorities, here are some key guidelines for your reference.

  • It is advised that the cleaning staff should wear disposable hand gloves, gown, and mask while cleaning and disinfecting. They should be discarded after cleaning.
  • First clean, then disinfect. Detergent or soap and water solution reduce the viral load when you clean. The disinfectant makes it almost nil.
  • For disinfection, one can use alcohol-based liquid sanitizers. The easy solution is bleach and water. One tablespoon of bleach per liter of water is the ideal solution.
  • Two different cleaning products should never be mixed. Only standard and approved Office cleaners should be used.
  • All surfaces in common areas should be cleaned daily.
  • All electronic equipment, touchscreens, keypads, digital signage, etc. need daily cleaning.

Whether you do in-house cleaning by your employees or outsource it to a service provider, these guidelines are to be mandatorily followed. With a little precaution, we can minimize the risk of infection from Novel Coronavirus.

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