What is the Cheapest way to use Air Conditioning?

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What is the Cheapest way to use Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning

To beat sweltering heat in the summers, you need a powerful Daikin Air Conditioning Adelaide system. It will give you relief and make you comfortable. However, it is not an inexpensive option. As you use the air-conditioner more frequently, you see the electricity bill beginning to skyrocket.  Since the power bill is calculated on a slab basis, as soon as you cross a consumption barrier, there is an exponential increase in the electric bill.

Luckily, it is possible to keep the power consumption under control even if you use the Air Conditioning Adelaide system for long hours. Let’s know about a few easy and doable things.

Get the energy audit done

Is your home brand-new? If not, then there is a high possibility that the heat is passing through doors and windows. In the summers, you get an inflow of heat and in the winters, you lose a lot of heat due to this leakage.

To see how well your home is insulated, you need to sign up for a home energy audit. Either a local contractor or utility provider can be hired for it.

It is not expensive to get the audit done but the benefits are more.

A smart thermostat works better

Have you upgraded to a smart thermostat? If not, then it is high time to get it. A smart thermostat can regulate heating and cooling better. Also, you can set it up remotely using an app.

Also, you need to check the placement of the thermostat. If it is placed on a wall next to a window or behind an exposed wall to direct sunlight, then it will kick on frequently. Because the thermostat would consider the room hotter than the actual temperature. Therefore, the right placement is very much important.

Call the Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide and get the thermostat inspected.

Keep the blinds closed

Another clever way to reduce the use of an air-conditioner is to keep the blinds closed during the warm period of the day. It will keep the heat outside and stop the cold air from escaping.

Also, you should choose the right types of blinds. They should insulate the windows and doors as much as possible.

Use of a ceiling fan

When you use a ceiling fan, you circulate the cold air and make the room chilled faster. Once you find the room adequately cool, increase the temperature by three to four degrees and still find no reduction in cooling.

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