Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure In My Home?

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Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure In My Home?

Water pressure plays an important role in your house because all daily activities are largely dependent on it. The more pressure there is, the better the supply is. Especially, some systems like hot water system in Adelaide do not function well if the pressure is not adequate.

When the pressure is improper, the time it takes to do things like shower or wash dishes or water the plants is more. It is quite frustrating.

When it happens, you have to call an expert plumber and get things in order.

If you’re getting low or no water pressure in a single fixture, then probably it is a problem with the specific unit.

But if the pressure is low everywhere in the house, then the problem is bigger.

But the question is, why does it happen at all? Here are a few prominent reasons you will have low water pressure.

Reasons for low water pressure in your home

Mineral Deposits

Just like deposits cause blocked drains in Adelaide, mineral deposits cause blockage in water supply pipes as well. It is the fundamental reason behind low water pressure in your house. Minerals not only block the water supply, but they also corrode the pipes. For blocked drains, plumbers use modern systems like CCTV drain inspection in Adelaide. For water supply pipes also, they use modern methods.

The issue with the water meter valve

Usually, there are two water meter valves in most homes – One is the customer valve located in your water meter box and another one is the home valve, which is located in front of your house. If any or both of them are turned away from the “on” position, then they may cause low pressure.

Leaking Pipes

When there is leakage in the pipe, it may cause low pressure in the entire home. You call an emergency plumber in Adelaide and first, he turns off all outlets. Then he checks the water meter reading after some time. If there is a change, then it means the pipeline has some leakage.

He does a thorough inspection of the pipeline. He can find the problem and fix the issue.

Time of Day

You may have low water pressure in your house because many things happen at peak times. The water usage is the maximum and all water outlets are on. Many people are using different bathrooms for early morning showers. And there is an overall low pressure in the entire area. It may also cause water supply issues in your house.

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