Advice for Security Door installation in Melbourne

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Advice for Security Door installation in Melbourne

When you want higher security in the house, it is always better to install good-quality security doors in Craigieburn. They are sturdy yet stylish and add value to the house.

If you think that the installation of a security door is a highly technical job and you cannot do it, then you are mistaken. It is not a very complex job. With a little technical knowledge and an understanding of using tools, one can do the installation without any trouble.

What are the required tools?

They are chisel, combination square, cordless drill, measuring tape, pencil, earmuffs, 12mm spade, plastic wedges, 30mm screws (timber), etc.

Step 1: Take measurements

It is important to take the measurement of the height and width of the doorway or door jamb. Though the doors are of standard size, you cannot assume that. Even if there is a slight variation, it can become an issue.

Is the door opening on the right side or left?

The right measurement will ensure the right fitment of security doors Epping.

Step 2: Attach handles and locks

Before installing the door, you should attach the handles and locks. The locking mechanism is usually attached with two screws. You should insert the spindle into the handles. Attach it with the screws. Insert the internal lock.

Step 3: Mark and attach the hinges

For this, you may need a helper. First, you need to place the door in the doorway using wedges so that it remains in the right place. Keep a gap of 3 mm at the top of the screen so that it does not catch while closing or opening. Now measure and mark the hinges. Keep them on while marking.

Once you are done, make a hole with a 2mm bit. Use a 30mm screw and place the hinge correctly in place. Repeat the process for the bottom and middle hinges.

Step 4: Mark the striker

Close the door and mark where the center of the striker is. You should transfer this around onto the door jamb. Now, you need to drill holes for the striker. Make sure the hole is slightly larger. Close the door and check that the striker fits in. Now, pre-drill pilot holes using a 2mm bit and then fit the striker plate. Check that the handle and lock are working well.

And with that, you finish the installation of security doors in Wollert. It will give you security and mental peace.

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