How to Fix your Toilet’s Leaky Fill Valve!

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How to Fix your Toilet’s Leaky Fill Valve!

It is certainly very much frustrating when your toilet tank either doesn’t fill properly or it leaks after filling. In both conditions, you need to pick up the phone and call a plumber in Adelaide. But, at times you do not get a plumber.

If the toilet is leaking due to a faulty fill valve (there are several reasons behind a leaky toilet), then you can fix it.

Are you a techno-savvy person who loves doing things at home? Well, then you must do it, it is not a very complex thing to fix a leaky fill valve.

Knowing what’s wrong and fixing it saves your water bill.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to fix a leaky fill valve in your toilet.

Arrange these things first, before you start working. You need a new fill valve fitting. It can be brought from a hardware store. Or, you can buy online as well. You need a flathead screwdriver and some grit.

4 steps to fix a leaky fill valve in a toilet

Step 1: Switch it Off and Flush

You should use the shut-off valve to stop the water supply from the toilet. Now remove the lid and flush to get water out of the tank.

Step2: Get the leaky valve removed

You need to lift the short arm up and then turn the cap slightly clockwise. Now, release the arm and lift the cap off of the valve. Now, get the seal out. Use the screwdriver to get it out.

Step 3: Clean the Sediment

Turn the water on until it squirts out of the top of the fill valve. It is essential to perform regular drain cleaning. For that, you should call a service provider that offers drain cleaning in Adelaide.

Step 4: Replace the seal

First, turn the water off, and then remove the cap. You can now slip on the valve seal. You need to turn it counterclockwise until it fits into place.

Now turn on the water supply and let the tank fill till its average level. So, you saw that the process is not very complex. In case, you do not get toilet repairs in Adelaide, then it can be done at home easily.

Though the leaky fill valve problem is not as frequent as the problem of blocked toilet Adelaide, it is quite frequent.

Fix it yourself and save a few bucks. More than that, you get the satisfaction of resolving an issue on your own, if you love doing repairs.

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