Which type of tiles is best for bathroom?

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Which type of tiles is best for bathroom?

When you go to a tile store in Melbourne to choose bathroom tiles, you get confused. It is because there are so many types, categories, and varieties. How to pick the best one? According to interior design specialists, the right bathroom tiles will make all the difference to the look of the room. You can create a liberal and beautiful space that reflects your thinking style, but which tiles are more suitable?

Here are some popular types of tiles and their characteristics

Porcelain Tiles

If you want to pick the most durable bathroom tiles in Melbourne, then porcelain is the ideal material to choose.

It is because porcelain is sturdy. Plus, it is highly water-resistant and scratch and stain-proof. Thus, it is a top-rated material.

They are available in glossy and matt finishes. You can choose one that matches your personal taste.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from the same materials as porcelain, but less finely ground. Therefore, the tiles are slightly less hard-wearing and water-resistant.

To increase their durability and longevity, it is important that they are sealed well. Therefore, they are popular tiles in Melbourne.

Marble tiles

They give a very good and elegant appearance to the bathroom. Though it is a highly costly option, you should choose when the style is the priority.

Experts say that if you are installing top-class brass tapware Melbourne, then you must go for marble tiles. It is because brass gives the most prolific look to marble tiles. So, when you are spending big money on brassware, then do not mind spending money on marble tiles. Their elegance is incomparable.

Mosaic Tiles

These tiles are tiny in size, and they can be grouped together to create fascinating effects and designs. You have a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from.

Whether you install them on the bathroom floor or create a unique look throughout the bathroom, mosaic tiles can inject a new style into the space.

Limestone Tiles

They are an ideal choice for natural-toned design schemes. They have subtle shades of beige, brown, and grey. The feeling of these colors will be soft and comfortable. Still, they are quite durable. However, since the tiles are porous in their natural state, they are supposed to be sealed well.

It is difficult to tell which tiles are the best. Every category has a different tone and appearance. So, you need to spend time comparing them.

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