What is the average life of a washing machine?

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What is the average life of a washing machine?

How Long Does a Washing Machine Last?

Washing machines are an important home appliance. It has a great utility, Experts say that in an average household where there are four to six members, the average use of a washing machine is one to one and a half hours daily.

Needless to say that with such heavy use, there is heavy wear and tear. The machine faces various issues, and you need to call washing machine repairs in Adelaide to correct the problem.

Sometimes, the matter is small. You are supposed to spend a few bucks to get the machine working again. But, sometimes, the matter is crucial, and you may have to decide about replacing the old machine with a new and more advanced machine. It will give me a new experience.

If the machine is not giving problems, then how will you decide that it should be replaced? Experts say that there are a few guidelines to decide the average life of a washing machine.

Average life expectancy of a new washing machine

Well, it depends on many aspects. But we can say that average life of a washing machine is six to eight years with low to moderate use. In case of heavy use, the average life is four to five years.

Some experts have an opinion that if the use is heavy and the machine gives trouble after five years, then it is better to replace the machine instead of calling for washing machine repairs. It will be a waste of money. There is no point in spending on repairs.

But some people claim that their machine has been working for the last ten, twenty, or even thirty years. How does it happen? How to decide the average life span then?

Well, the answer is simple. We should not forget that exceptions are always there. When we consider the average life, then it is not more than four to five years for heavy use and six to eight years for low to moderate use.

After that, even if the machine is working well, it should be replaced. If the machine is old and there is any problem with a particular part, e.g., the dryer, then instead of calling dryer repairs in Adelaide, you should replace the machine.

Technology changes after every few years. Therefore, even if there is no problem, you should switch to modern technology. It will keep you updated with the latest technology.

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