How can I renovate my bathroom without removing tiles?

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How can I renovate my bathroom without removing tiles?

When you renovate the home, your bathroom plays a big role in that. It is because the more stylish your bathroom is, the more stylish your home will appear. When you call a bathroom designer in Melbourne, it is not important that you spend heavily on it. You can achieve great improvement in the appearance of your home.

But is it necessary to replace the tiles to bring a new appearance to the bathroom? No, it is not. You can achieve great results by following some other tricks also.

Let’s understand some of them.

Top 4 Tricks on How to Renovate Your Bathroom without removing tiles

Install a shower enclosure

Like kitchen renovations in Melbourne, bathroom renovation is also possible by installing enclosures.

Take the example of a shower enclosure. You need not even drill for it. There are enclosures available with a minimalistic style and easy installations. You can use adhesive to attach it.

Two things will be achieved by that. You get comfort and functionality. The sliding and fixed panels come in various dimensions. You can pick one that adapts to your needs.

If you prefer a model with a practical handle to make opening and closing easy, then you can pick high-end enclosures.

A new toilet cover

There are innovative solutions that you can bring. They are fit for designer bathrooms in Melbourne because they are compatible with most bathrooms.

You can have a customized experience with its intuitive side buttons and the remote control that can be used for setting up the water temperature and pressure.

Change the faucets

You can achieve laundry renovations in Melbourne to give your bathroom a new look. One way is to replace the laundry faucet.

Those who prefer stylish lines can choose faucets with a side handle. They are available in new and fancy colors.

There are touchless solutions with a motion sensor that activates the water flow without touching any surface.

Since the system is battery-powered, you do not need any power outlet.

Versatile auxiliary units

Do you want to install auxiliary units in the bathroom that you can place anywhere? If the place where you want to place it is fixed, then choose a model with feet. But if you prefer to move it, you should choose one with castors.

It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on a bathroom renovation. You can achieve it by using smart ideas that can be implemented for less money. They will achieve great results.

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