What’s The Difference Between Commercial Roofing And Residential Roofing?

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What’s The Difference Between Commercial Roofing And Residential Roofing

Roofing in Adelaide is a specialized skill. It is so specialized that you need to call different specialists for commercial and residential roofing. Both types of roofing are different, and you must understand the difference between the two. Different parameters should be understood to know it better. In this blog, we will unfold the key differences.


Design is the first parameter that differentiates commercial and residential roofing distinctly. When you search for Roofing Contractors in Adelaide, check their experience and special skills. If you compare the design, then a commercial roof has a low slope. It is almost flat. If you see the roofs of warehouses, shops, factories, or restaurants, then they are like this. The area of a commercial roof is larger than a residential roof. Commercial roofs may be heavier because they have large HVAC blowers and industrial pipes. Residential roofs have minimal openings, and the surface does not have anything sitting on it directly.

Roofing Material

In residential roofs, asphalt shingles are quite popular because they are easy to install and cost-effective. Wooden shakes, slate, tile, ceramic, and metal plates are other popular choices. Commercial roofs are made from heavier materials, and they are covered with gravel, tar, or modified bitumen. They are multiple-layered roofs. The number of layers depends on the type of roofing applied.

Installation & Repair

To install and maintain commercial roofs, one requires an experienced and qualified commercial roofer. A commercial roof will take a month or more to install because it is large. A residential roof can be installed faster. It is simple to construct. To repair a commercial roof, great efforts are needed. The whole roof has to be assessed to find out the water seepage. Even a simple leak can be very costly.

In residential roofs, leaks occur in discrete places. It is caused by loose shingles normally. The repair work can be done in a day or two. As mentioned earlier the skillset of commercial and residential roofers are totally different. Since the two roofs are different and their roofers need to have different skills, it is not possible to hire one roofer for the other. You will have to know about the specialization beforehand. A trusted residential or commercial roofer knows his work very well. After knowing the roofing issue, he gives an honest estimate to his client. He puts his maximum efforts into giving satisfactory services to you.

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