How Much Does it Cost To Put in Plantation Shutters?

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How Much Does it Cost To Put in Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters

Whether you build a new home or renovate or redecorate it, you need to consider everything. Window coverings give protection to your house. Among various types of coverings, plantation shutters Adelaide are quite popular. You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing them-aesthetics, functionality, and of course, cost.

Various providers are there that make pricing plantation shutters easy. You can contact them and get an instant cost. You have to give measurements and they will tell you about the approximate cost. What are the different aspects of that and how much money should you keep aside for the installation of Plantation Shutter Adelaide? Let’s understand that.

Installation cost

Nowadays, plantation shutters installers do their best to educate customers about the measurement and configuration of the shutters. The charge for installation varies depending on the type and complexity of the work. However, approximately, you will have to spend around 50 dollars per panel. And remember, this cost is per panel basis and not per window basis.

Size of the window

The cost of plantation shutters is based on the size of the window. It is measured in square meters. The final cost will be the sum of all measurements. When you contact a legitimate plantation shutters Adelaide installer, you can be confident that you will not be charged any additional cost for having any extra mid rails. In some cases, you will have to pay an additional amount for the installation of a Z-frame. Similarly, there could be an extra amount for bay windows or corners.

Some premium installers charge extra money because of their reputation and image. You have to ask about every cost detail before placing your order. It will avoid any disputes or confusion later.

You can expect to pay 350 dollars per square meter or more for some expert to visit your home and take measurements for you. It includes the cost of taking measurements and installation of shutters. There could be some seasonal variations because there is a high demand for Plantation Shutter Adelaide during the summers. Therefore, sometimes, there is a shortage of people.

If you are a person having technical knowledge or you have an interest in installation, then there are DIY options at 30 percent lesser cost. Thus, instead of 300 dollars per square meter, you can get the shutters at 200 dollars per square meter. However, it is not available with every installer.

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