What Are Signs Of A Bad Car Battery?

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What Are Signs Of A Bad Car Battery

You will agree that there is nothing more frustrating than your car not starting in the morning.  You turn the keys again and again, but it simply refuses to work. But you must not forget that the battery does not stop working overnight. Its performance gets downgraded over a few days. Your car battery Adelaide sends you the warning signals. You ignore them. Here, we will know about the prominent signs of a bad car battery.

Slow-cranking Sound

The most obvious sign of a dying battery is the cranking sound when you push the ignition. The engine pulls the maximum power when it starts. A slow cranking sound indicates that the engine is unable to fetch the required power. The car may start, but it is the right time to take it to a specialist. You need a new battery Adelaide.

The Car Doesn’t Start at All

You turn the key, but the engine does not start. You hear just a clicking sound. Well, it means the battery has drained. It doesn’t have sufficient power to crank the engine. This happens when you keep the car lights on by mistake.

Dim Headlights

Other than the engine, the headlights of your car need maximum power. And they are good indicators of the health of your car battery. If you feel that the brightness has reduced, then take the car to the specialist. Get the battery checked. Sometimes, the terminals of batteries in Adelaide accumulate carbon, which reduces the output and charging capacity both. You need to get it cleaned.

Bad Components

The battery of your car is not responsible for starting the vehicle only, but it supplies power to several things. In today’s cars, you have power windows, windshield wipers, radio, dashboard lights, parking lights, fog lights, and so on. If any of these components get bad, then it fetches disproportionately high power from the battery. As a result, the car battery in Adelaide drains faster.

Warning Sign on The Dashboard

Nowadays, your cars have become smarter. They have a dashboard warning light in the shape of a car battery. When the car senses that there could be a problem with the battery in the near future, it illuminates. Never ignore it. Take the car to the nearest specialist and get it thoroughly checked. You will not get into trouble if you mark these signs timely and act fast.

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