What to do When Your Hot Water System is Leaking?

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A leaking water heater is a troublesome situation. When it happens, your daily routine gets disturbed. What you need is immediate help from some seasoned Hot water repairs company.

But, before the help arrives, you have to take some corrective measures. First, turn off the water in the tank. Thus, you will save wastage of water. Water heater tanks have a dedicated shutoff valve installed on the cold-water inlet.

If there is a wheel, then you should turn it clockwise as far as it goes. If it is a ball-type, then turn it up to 180 degrees.

In case the valve is not working or broken, then you may have to lose the main water supply valve if the leakage is quite a lot.

If there is no such valve, or it is not working, then you need immediate help. The best way is to call an emergency plumber.

Different Types of Water Heaters need different Treatment.

In an electric water heater, it is recommended to shut off the power before doing anything. It is to safeguard from electrical hazards. The best thing is to pull off the electric plug. Thus, you ensure that the system is no way connected to the electrical power.

For gas-based Hot water system Adelaide also, you should shut off the gas supply. Now you should find out the source and reason for the leakage.

Check the inlets and outlets

The source of the leak may be in the water inlet or outlet. Check all cold-water intake points and hot water output points.

Are there any loose fittings? If yes, then you have to tight them using a wrench. If you do not have it, then call some Hot water Adelaide repair service.

Sometimes, the leakage is caused by the pressure relief valve. It causes a leakage if the temperature is set to very high. Due to the pressure of the steam inside, the valve starts leaking.

You should reduce the temperature. Call a Hot water repairs company because it requires technical knowledge.

Check the water pressure

Along with the temperature, you should check the pressure also. For that, you have to call the repair service.

Experts recommend that other than the physical leakage in the water inlet, most of the leakage issues with water heaters need expertise.

Regardless of the problem, it is always best to have a professional check the water heater when there are any leaks.

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