Asbestos Removal Adelaide Risk Assessment

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Asbestos Removal Adelaide

Asbestos Removal Adelaide

If you are making changes in an old house in Adelaide, then it is mandatory to get the Asbestos risk assessment done before starting the asbestos removal Adelaide work. Why is it so much important? It is because there is a great health threat involved if the asbestos is improperly handled. And the risk is long-term.

Therefore, to safeguard the health of everyone, you must carry out the assessment by an agency that:

  • Competent to do the risk assessment
  • Carries out the assessment before the work begins and gives adequate time to put precautions in place
  • Ensures that the assessment considers all aspects of the work and the process followed is job-specific.

When you call a risk assessment agency that is certified and recognized, it is always better.

What is the risk assessment all about?

  1. It establishes the general risk such as fall from the height and identifies who may be affected?
  2. It tells about the actions that can eliminate (or minimize) the risk.
  3. It keeps a record of the risk assessment and actions recommended. The report is submitted to the client.
  4. It implements the actions and reviews and updates the assessment document.

To maintain the good health of everyone involved in the project; it is important to reduce exposure to the asbestos. The team that handles the risk assessment process is knowledgeable and trained. Each member knows the risks of asbestos testing and makes informed decisions. If at all, it is impossible to avoid the exposure, then they take care that the exposure is kept as low as possible.

The report is comprehensive and self-explanatory. It contains the details of the work undertaken. The crucial points of the report are:

  • Type and quantity of the asbestos
  • Expected levels of exposure
  • What are the controls to be used for making it a minimum? For example, the use of exhaust ventilation, the use of enclosures, controlled wetting, and so on.
  • Details about asbestos waste management.
  • The process of decontamination for PPE, tools, and equipment used.
  • Details about the emergency procedures

The details of the risk assessment report are shared and communicated to all employees and other stakeholders. A copy of it is always made available on site. It is a statutory requirement. The report has several task sheets that will show how to carry out non-licensed work associated with asbestos. The sheets form an important part of the overall risk analysis of asbestos inspections Adelaide.

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