Do you need council approval for a fence in South Australia

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Fencing Adelaide

Fencing Adelaide

If you are residing in South Australia and looking for the rules and regulations about Fencing Adelaide, then you should note that the Fences Act 1975 (SA) regulates the erection, replacement, and repair of the fence in South Australia.

It provides a procedure for resolving disputes related to fencing and getting contributions from the neighbor who will be benefited from a fence.

What is the fundamental purpose of the act? It is to provide clarity about erecting or replacing a fence. It also deals with disputes related to the repair and maintenance of fences.

The act ensures that if someone is seeking construction of a fence, then there is an ample opportunity for his or her neighbor to raise matters like:

  • The need for construction
  • The nature of construction
  • The cost of construction

It provides an opportunity to provide counterproposals.

If you are hiring one of the best Fencing Contractors Adelaide and you are ready to pay the total cost, then do you need the consent of your neighbor?

Well, the act says that consent is required. It is because once erected, it is jointly owned by both neighbors. It should not be damaged or removed without the permission of the other.

Do you need the approval of the council?

The laws about fencing have been established by the state government. Council does not have any role as far as the enforcement or interpretation of the law.

It just checks that the fence should be defined and developed by the Development Act and Regulations. Also, it should meet some specific technical requirements.

As far as Council approval is concerned, you need it to build any type of fence that is higher than 2.1 meters.

If it is a masonry fence higher than one meter, then also you should seek council approval before Fencing Contractors Adelaide starts the work.

If your fence is over one-meter height within six meters of road construction, then also there is a need to get it approved by the council. There is an exception if the 4×4 meter corner cutoff has been provided.

The height of the fence is measured from the lower side.

Some areas have special regulations. So, it is important to check with the council before starting the construction work.

In the case of brush Fencing Adelaide, you need council approval if it is installed within three meters from a proposed or existing dwelling.

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