What Not to Pack When Moving?

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When you relocate, it is a challenging situation. Whether you move locally or interstate, the level of frustration and tension is the same. Though you hire the best interstate removalists when you relocate to some other place, it is essential to mind the things that you should pack and not pack.

Certain items cannot be relocated to the new place.

What Will Movers Not Pack?

  • Hazardous items
  • Spray paint canisters and aerosol cans.
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover. I
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Solvents, thinners, bleach, ammonia
  • Chlorine powder, granules, tablets
  • Acids
  • Batteries
  • Ammunition and other combustible products

When you hire interstate removals Australia, they will inspect everything and make a list of items that cannot be packed. It is part of their standard operating procedure.

Delicate and important household stuff

There may be delicate items that you may not want to consider for packing. You need to make a list of such items and hand them over to mover interstate. The list may include items like:

  • Jewelry
  • Family photos
  • Heirlooms
  • Personal Collections (coins, stamps, etc.)
  • Cash
  • Important documents such as sales deeds, purchase deeds, mark sheets, etc.

Even if you hire the best mover that has an exceptional track record, accidents can happen. Therefore, it is important to keep those priceless, sentimental items with you.

Household Plants

Yes, there can be restrictions on moving plants from one state to the other. Therefore, you need to check that beforehand.  If they are indoor plants, then removalists may not take them in the truck.

The restriction is to keep the risk of the spread of disease and insects to the minimum.


Any food that is perishable should be either consumed or discarded. You cannot take it. Movers do not allow any food to pack.

Dirty or Dusty Furniture

Sometimes, people have old, dusty, and dirty furniture. The interstate furniture removals company will not take it. The reason is there is a risk to the health and safety of other people. Such furniture is considered hazardous.


This is a known thing and not a surprise, indeed. You must bring pets with you in your own vehicle. Moving a truck is not at all a safe place for them. Your pets will move to the new place in your company. That is the best journey.

Thus, there are many items that you cannot pack. For such things, you will have to plan and prepare well. Then only you can expect flawless movement.

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