4 Packing Tips for Your Interstate Moving

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Interstate Furniture Removals

When you relocate interstate, it is a difficult situation. Moving long distances is not an easy job. Among various challenges, one is to ensure that your belongings are safely packed during your move.

Of course, the burden gets reduced when you hire any of the expert interstate removalists in Adelaide. since they are experts in their work, you can expect that the movement will be trouble-free.

Professional removalists carry an experience in shifting assignments and they pack the goods in such a manner that you receive goods safely.

However, it is good to know a few tips for packing the goods properly so that there is no damage even if you travel a long distance.

Tips to Move Interstate

#1: Start packing timely

You should never leave your packing until the last minute. It is because by doing this, you cause lots of stress and slow down your move.

Experts say that the better idea is to begin packing early and start with the items you don’t use regularly.

#2: You need to buy packing material

You do not have packing material readily available because packing is not a regular activity and you are not a professional mover interstate. Hence, the first thing you should do is to buy a good stock of the right packing supplies handy. It will make the move hassle-free.

Typically, the supplies include:

  • Sturdy and durable boxes of various sizes
  • Protective and wrapping supplies like bubble wrap, foam wrap, and butcher’s paper
  • Packing tape with dispenser
  • Markers for labelling and writing on boxes
  • Stickers with captions like Fragile, This Side Up, Handle with Care, etc.
  • Box cutters, strings, and ties

#3: Handle the furniture separately

If you have heavy and valuable furniture, then the best thing is to hire interstate furniture removals. They are experts, who know how to pack, transport, and unpack valuable, heavy, and important furniture without any damage.

Remember, relocation of furniture is a specialized skill. Hence, do not rely on inexperienced and amateur movers. They will cause harm to the furniture.

#4: Do packing properly

You need to pack the boxes well so that you make the best use of available space. But at the same time, you should not overpack the boxes as they may cause damage to the boxes.

Pack heavy or larger items at the bottom of each box to ensure the right distribution of weight. Always pack lighter items at the top. For fragile or valuable items, it’s always best to use proper packing boxes.

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