A Comprehensive Guide to Moving Furniture Interstate

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Moving Furniture Interstate

When you move interstate in Australia, you have many concerns and tensions. How will you move safely? How will your pets move safely?  Will the interstate vehicle movement be without any damage?

Of course, your interstate removalist is going to take care of all the issues, it is important that you also make preparations. You need to make a checklist and pay attention to the minute elements.

An important thing that worries people the most is the safe movement of furniture. It is not only costly but also important for you.

Since there are dedicated service providers that offer furniture transport interstate, you need not worry much about that. They know the best method to move cross country with all your furniture.

This is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with enough ideas to ensure a smooth, trouble-free movement.

What to locate?

Are you planning to take everything with you? Well, it is not a practical idea. You must sort the furniture and take only what is necessary. If you are unable to decide, then here are some filters:

  • Think about what you really want to take with you.Is there something that is old, and you want to replace it? If yes, then you should not take it.
  • Compare the cost of moving with the cost of keeping it in local storage, if you are moving temporarily. Do whatever is more economical.

Check the insurance

The home content insurance and the insurance taken by interstate mover won’t cover furniture while they are on the road. So, a more practical idea is to invest in moving or transit insurance. It will give peace of mind.

Packing and preparation

Ensure you use good-quality packing materials. It will protect the furniture from dents, scratches, and breakage. Use proper packaging stuff. Use proper padding if you are packing furniture inside boxes. Make sure all wardrobes and drawers are empty.

Labeling is an important step, whether it is a local move or interstate. Mention your name and contact details on the label. Mark valuable, and fragile items clearly.


Moving furniture interstate is something that requires a lot of planning and systematic work. And you need an experienced company that has experience in organizing and carrying interstate moves. Selection of mover is important. It affects the quality and safety of the movement. Take into consideration the reviews and feedback of people, who used the removal service before.

Austate Removals is a family-owned interstate removalist company servicing Queensland, including Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, as well as Australia-wide. We specialise in long-distance & business moves, but also provide a full range of removal services including packingbackloading, specialised services for piano & heavy moves, removal insurance, & short & long-term storage.

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