Using the Right Tools for Tree Stump Removal In Adelaide

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Using the Right Tools for Tree Stump Removal In Adelaide

Right Tools for Stump Removal In Adelaide

When a tree becomes an eyesore or it gets problems like pest infestation or disease, you call a Tree Removal Adelaide specialist and get rid of it. But sometimes, the removal company just removes the tree and leaves another eyesore in the garden, i.e., the stump.

It happens because you overlook the contract and do not include the cost of Stump Removal Adelaide in the contract. As a result, the removal company doesn’t do it.

Remember, you should always read the contract thoroughly and include the task of stump removal also. You cannot do it in-house. It is a specialized job that needs specialized tools and skills.

What are the tools that stump removal specialists use while performing their work? Let’s know about them. The tools and methods depend on the size of the stump.

When they dig the stump out

Normally smaller tree stumps, which have shallow roots can be removed by hand. The Tree Removal Adelaide will bring hoes or shovels to dig around the stump. Thus, the roots get exposed and with the help of an axe, root saw, and loopers, the roots are cut. Then the stump is lifted easily.

When they push the stump

Large stumps on forested sites are removed by pushing.  The Stump Removal Adelaide specialist will bring a heavy tractor with a blade attachment. The blade will be lifted to push the stump until the root is visible. Then they lower the blade under the root ball to lift the stump up.

When they pull the stump

Tree or stump removal companies remove the stump by pulling the stump. The removal company will bring a chain or cable to tie around the stump and a winch to pull the stump out of the ground. Sometimes, a trencher or soil saw is used for excavating the soil and cutting small roots from around the stump.

When they grind the stump

Another effective method of stump removal is grinding. There are several types of grinders available from removal companies. Examples are hand-guided grinders, self-propelled grinders, or tow-behind machines. Some large-sized grinders are mounted on trucks or tractors.

A grinder typically includes a blade that cuts away at the stump and its roots. The removal companies either own the grinders or rent them.

Which type of tools will be used for the removal of the tree stumps will depend on the size of the stump. The removal company will decide it on site.

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