When Should Palm Trees Be Removed?

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When Should Palm Trees Be Removed?

4 Ways to Remove a Palm Tree

There are so many species of palm trees around. You may plant a palm tree in the courtyard. But, after some time, the tree gets some issues. For example, it gets infected by some disease. Or the tree becomes weak because its roots get damaged. In such a scenario, you do not have any other option than calling a Palm Tree Removal Adelaide company.

Palm tree removal is a specialized task that requires special skills and knowledge. You should call an expert to accomplish the task.

But the question is, how will you determine that the tree required removal? According to experts, there are some clear indications that tell you about it.

Signs That Indicate You should remove a palm tree

Since palm trees offer great aesthetics, you love to have them in the garden. However, sometimes, it becomes inevitable to remove them. Here are some signs that force you to call a Tree Removal Adelaide company.

There is an infection

You will be amazed to know that palm trees can also get a contagious infection from other trees like humans. If the tree has been already infected, then you will see discoloured or wilting palms. Before it infects other trees, you should remove it as soon as possible.

A dead palm tree becomes a hazard for the building and people. Therefore, you need a Palm Tree Removal Adelaide expert. It can remove the tree safely and quickly.

Pest problem

Pests not only cause damage to the palm tree, but they are an eyesore for your garden also. Hence, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Sometimes, the pests attack so rapidly that you do not have any choice than removing the palm tree itself.

Aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and sucking insects are very common. If you are calling a Tree Removal Adelaide company, then you should call an experienced company.  Thus, the work will be done safely.

Roots becoming large

Large palm tree roots are warning signs. It means the tree has grown so large that it may become a potential threat to your property and plumbing system.

To safeguard the building, you may have to take the bitter decision of removing the tree from your courtyard. The cost could be very high if you ignore the issue and do not act fast.

Thus, it is essential to watch the warning signs closely and call a tree removal company.

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